Restaurant Cubo Signum
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Restaurant Cubo Signum


The ethnic style of the room inspired by the land of the broad basin of the Mediterranean, and the international characteristic of the American Bar SIGNUM make a stunning local, high-impact, in which everything has been great attention to detail, fine finishes, search solutions scenic, lighting and furnishings of high international design, all designed by Victoria Hampshire Design.

The welcome to the console super technology is already an indication of the high quality standards that characterize the entire structure, each corner of which was marked in a unique way: the sushi corner at the entrance, is a tantalizing temptation which would be a shame to resist, the long counter onyx backlit bar, the center of the first room is the place to held original and exclusive parties with the professionalism and preparation of its international bartender, the restaurant, in the most reserved and cosy zone is a magical place to say the least, adorned with the original coating of travertine in wet raw gold, the terrace, with the freshness of its colors, Mediterranean vegetation and its relaxed its wraparound seating, is the little piece of paradise in which everyone would like to relax at any time of day, and the casino (the first in Campania to install videolottery), with its London-based carpet and marble Mexican services, has found a place where the unique bathtub designed by designer Victoria Hampshire, that closes the SIGNUM path with refinement and elegance.

All spaces are connected by passages unusual care in design and enhanced with artworks inspired by the people who with passion and self –confidence have achieved their goals.

Raw fish, carpaccio, cut fillet of beef in Ireland and Denmark. The Mediterranean cuisine of the restaurant SIGNUM respects tradition, but also brings many new features of fusion cuisine: such as salmon in teriyaki sauce with vegetable couscous pudding and a series of original combinations of tartar.

Mediterranean and international character, then, joined by a unique "bridge" the sushi counter.

Careful selection of wines from Campania, expertly matched to the dishes in this menu, a well-stocked champagne and pastries - such as the Bavarian sesame seeds, green tea tiramisu and classic Capri - are the other strengths of the restaurant.

The sushi counter is a real bridge between the Mediterranean and international cuisine restaurant that offers SIGNUM.
Located at the entrance of the premises, characterized by an enveloping circular shape, kindly invited to sit quietly and enjoy the dishes, which vary depending on the catch of the day, freshly prepared. The most popular sushi & sashimi are the sets that include a wide variety of Nigiri, Sashimi and Rolls.

The long backlit onyx bar in the center of the first room is the heart of SIGNUM and his bartender Daniele Lombardi is its lifeblood. His professionalism and international experience in serving alcoholic drinks and cocktails in the preparation of over one hundred and fifty different confer originality and exclusivity to your evenings.

SIGNUM The bar is open all day: a breakfast offers home-made desserts prepared by the house for a drink offering delicious kebabs kuscikatzu, a specialty of the corner of sushi meat, coffee break suggests ... a convenient sitting on the cozy terrace.

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